patient televisit

With the threat of COVID-19, we have stopped all routine & follow-up visits. However, this does not mean you have to wait for the pandemic to end to see your provider. We can set up a Televisit with you today! A Televisit will give you the ability to see your provider in the comfort and safety of your own home! 

Patient Portal

Enrolling in the Patient Portal will allow you to:

  • Review Your Lab Results
  • Receive Health Maintenance Reminders
  • Receive Educational Materials
  • Update Personal Information 
  • View Upcoming Appointments

Health portal

Thank you for entrusting Community Medical Clinic with all of your health care needs.

Healow Portal

Healow is accessible via desktop and mobile app. 

Televisit how to

Watch below to see how the Televisit with your provider works! 

Patient Guides

Here is a step by step guide to help you gain access to our patient health portals. 

Patient Health Portal Guide (pdf)